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<p>Not much has changed over the weekend, but we're still getting some awesome sales to sink our teeth into. As of today Severed has gone on sale for £2.99/$3.99.</p><p>Severed follows the story of Sasha, a one-armed warrior who wields a living sword on her journey to find her family. This nightmare world she's found herself in is chocked-full of monsters, secrets, and puzzles to solve.</p><p>There're few people who wouldn't rave about this game, and I've got no doubts that it could be on a lot of people's 'top games of 2016' lists. Its responsive touch controls, addictive gameplay, and all-over stunning aesthetic make it a truly marvellous game.</p><p>Grab Severed now on the App Store for £2.99/$3.99, and really get yourself a bargain.</p>.


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